• CSCMP's Annual  Global Conference 2014 San Antonio TX September 21-24 - Stop by booth #703 in San Antonio, TX to learn what is new at HA and to find out how you can hone your supply chain. We will be discussing optimizing transportation spend and using logistics for competitive advantage.

What is on Your Mind...Logistically?

HA Advantage combines consulting, technology and services allowing clients to optimize operations and make informed logistics decisions. HA’s approach creates visibility into companies’ REAL logistics costs, opportunities for automation and information sharing capabilities to help executives gain or regain control of supply chain initiatives.

DistributionAre Your Logistics Operations Under Control? The efficient movement of parts for inventories, finished goods to customers and accurate information to internal and external stakeholders are the goals of most logistics operations. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t have all of the resources necessary to internally manage all of the “moving parts” of their supply chain. Learn more about HA's distribution strategies.

GrowthIs Your Logistics Strategy Geared for Growth? The economy has been rough and even fatal to many organizations over the last several years. But there have also been opportunities for growth – either through acquisitions or new product offerings. The real winners over the long term, will be the companies that execute their acquisition and launch strategies most effectively. Logistics may be the linchpin that makes or breaks the execution of those strategies. Learn how HA can help you prepare for growth.

Cost RecoveryIs Your Logistics Department Paying for Itself? Logistics operations don’t always have to be cost centers for companies. Shipping can be a revenue driver that enhances the bottom line for organizations that have predictable shipping costs, consistent pricing standards and automated systems for marking up freight. Learn how to turn your logistics department into a cost recovery or profit center.

ProcessAre Your Logistics and Corporate Processes Aligned? Continuous process improvement initiatives demand reducing costs while increasing output. Controlling processes and equipment placement within an organization’s facilities is easy enough. But supply chains begin before parts are received at the loading dock and continue after finished goods leave the warehouse doors. The good news is there are ways to make those “invisible parts” of the supply chain visible. Learn to use logistics to improve processes and reach business objectives.


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